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Top Chuck ----------------------- $99.00
Holds the music roll on your Miner Tangley or Otto Accordian.  You can keep an extra roll  'chucked up' for a quick music roll change.  Fits serial numbers 167 and above Calliopes and all Otto Accordians made by Miner Manufacturing.


Calliope Cover ------------------ $199.00
Fits any new or old 43 note Tangley Calliope. Made of treated, soft canvas providing dust and weather protection. A worthwhile investment.


Tracker Bar Pump -------------- $59.00
A must for any roll-playing instrument. This handy device sucks lint and paper particles out of the mechanism of your Calliope, piano, etc. Really helps that sluggish sound and will prevent the majority of "stuck notes", etc.  It's that ounce of prevention.