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CA-53 National Calliope

  CA-53  Price - $11,990.00  

  Model CA-53 is patterned after the great
  National Model B popular in the 1920's.
  It plays automatically, same as the CA-43,
  but with 10 more notes, it is a very powerful, 
  rich calliope! Blower is internal.

    CA 53 Specifications here

CA 53 Rear View
CA 53 National
All models of the Tangley Calliaphone Calliope are offered with an optional midi system player  in place of the standard A roll player.  Your Calliope can also be equipped with both systems if you desire, as well as older roll playing instruments retrofitted with the new

Every Instrument is individually crafted and built for you.

Delivery is 1 -4 months with immediate delivery
sometimes available
 for the CA-43 model.

Beware of imitations!
A genuine Calliope is one made with real brass whistles.  Fake brass whistles (spray painted PVC pipe) doesn't stand up to the beauty and durability of authentic brass.
Replace 'A' music roll frame with a  Midi Operating System
on any New Calliope model
ordered for $995.00 

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