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Calliope Outfits

Trailers, Antique Trucks

All Calliope Outfits come priced
complete with CA 43 Calliope,
generator, ready to play!

A Calliope mounted on a vehicle works great for transporting and parade use. The Calliope delights the ears and the fantastic truck or trailer leaves a lasting visual impression!

TO48 with Calliope

Model T048 - $14,950

4' x 8', Fits in Standard 7' High Garage, "Hard" Panels for Security and Weather Protection.

Calliope car

Model "T" Ford Circus Truck

Calliope car rear

This is a real, restored 1915 style Model T with rebuilt engine and chassis. It is restored to perfection with a new constructed circus body.  It will be noticed.

"The Ultimate Eye Catcher"

Calliope car front

Sawdusters Calliope wagon
Model T0510 - $18,250

5' x 10' - 8' High with sky boards folded, striped and
 lettered To Your Specs.
Features 15" wheels,
Electric brakes, and stored panels to protect from weather.

Calliope car and PW4x10

                Model T Calliope Truck with a Miner Popcorn Wagon!!

      We can custom build an outfit for you. Here are a few
         designs we have built at the customer's request.
Let us build your dream outfit. 
 boat trailer    Fire truck and CA

    White Circus wagon
  1950 Chevrolet Truck

50 Chevrolet interior