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'A' Style Music Rolls

Future Roll Cut List

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Wellner Roll No.  A - 5

    1.    The Crusade March
   2.    Beautiful Girl; Fox trot
   3.    Honey Rag
   4.    In A Year From Now; Fox trot
   5.    Ten Penny Rag
   6.    The Entertainer’s Rag
   7.    Catnip
   8.    Sweet Marie Mine; Fox trot
   9.    Hilarity Rag
 10.    Just An Old-Time Song

Tangley  Special A-34
(For Calliaphone)

    1.    Bye, Bye Pretty Baby;   Fox Trot
    2.    Dawn of Tomorrow; Waltz
    3.    Life Is But a Dream
    4.    Dancing Tambourine;    Fox Trot
    5.    The Rainbow Division; March
    6.    Rose Time in Hawaii; Waltz
    7.    She Don’t Wanna;    Fox Trot
    8.    The Desert Song; Waltz
    9.    When the Morning Glories Wake Up
  10.    Diamond March

Clark Tangley Roll No. A-701
Spirit of 1926

   1.  What Good Is “Good Morning”  *
   2.  So Is Your Old Lady  *
   3.  I Wish You Were Jealous Of Me; Waltz
   4.  So Does Your Old Mandarin  *
   5.  There Are Two Sides to Every Story   *
   6.  Money Blues  *
   7.  Let’s Grow Old Together  *
   8.  Hokey Pokey  *
   9.  Spring Is Here  *
 10.  Behind the Clouds  *            *Fox Trot

Automatic No.  A-919
“Plum Full O’ Harmony"
   1.    My Heart Stood Still; FT
   2.    I Fell Head Over Heels In Love; Ft
   3.    Tin Pan Parade; FT
   4.    Drigo’s Serenade;
   5.    Away Down South In Heaven; FT
   6.    Without You Sweetheart; FT

   7.    A Good Man Is Hard To Find; FT
   8.    Land of Nod; Waltz
   9.    We’ll Have A New Home; FT
   10.   Pastafazoola; FT

  Clark Roll No. A-102X
 Bicentennial Calliope Roll

 1.  Stars and Stripes Forever                
 2.  El Capitan March                             
 3.  Free Lance March                            
 4.  God Bless America                          
 5.  Washington Post March                   
 6.  Semper Fidelis                                
 7.  Hail, Columbia, Gem Of the Ocean    
 9.  Hands Across the Sea                      
10. U.S. Field Artillery March  

 A-1037 “Radio Revue #4”
 The Calliaphone Roll

  1.  Sweethearts On Parade; Fox trot
  2.  Me And The Man On The Moon; Fox trot
  3.  She’s Funny That Way; Fox trot
  4.  I Loved You Then I Love You Now; Waltz
  5.  ’Taint So, Honey, ’Taint so; Fox trot
  6.  You’re The Cream In My Coffee; Fox trot
  7.  I’ll Get By; Fox trot
  8.  You Can’t Take My Mem’ries From Me; W
  9.  Happy Days and Lonely Nights; Fox trot
  10. Guess Who’s In Town; Fox trot

Clark Roll No. A-1245

 “Calliaphone Cut-Ups”

   1.  Robinson’s Grand Entree March
   2.  Stein Song– One Step
   3.  When It’s Springtime In the Rockies– W
   4.  Sally– Fox Trot
   5.  It Happened In Menterey– Waltz
   6.  The Spirit Of America– One Step
   7.  Dancing With Tears In My Eyes– Waltz
   8.  Where the Golden Daffodils Grow– FT
   9.  Headin’ West– March
  10. Girl Of My Dreams– Waltz

 Clark Roll No. A- 1460
 Marchin’ Biznizz

   1.  The American Derby
   2.  Fidelity March
   3.  Naval Militia March
   4.  Pride Of the Army
   5.  March Of the Blue Jackets
   6.  The Rialto March
   7.  Bombs and Bullets
   8.  The Standard Guard
   9.  Snow King
  10. Mighty America

A- 2091 Capitol Roll
 Good Calliope Roll

   1.  Spirit Of St. Louis; March
   2.  Lindberg; The Eagle Of The USA
   3.  Hands Across The Sea
   4.  Hello, “Lindy”
   5.  Stars And Stripes; March
   6.  The Storm King; March
   7.  The Invincible Eagle; March
   8.  America Did It Again
   9.  Lucky “Lindy”
  10. You Flew Over

Columbia Music Roll No. A-1821

   1.  Spirit Of Independence
   2.  Stars and Stripes Forever
   3.  Buckeye State
   4.  National Progress
   5.  The Thunderer
   6.  National Honor
   7.  Boy Scouts Of America
   8.  Paul Revere’s Ride
   9.  High School Cadets
  10. Midnight Fire Alarm

 A- 2500 Rejun Roll

 1.  Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head
 2.  Tennessee Waltz
 3.  Hello Dolly
 4.  Seventy Six Trombones
 5.  Alley Cat
 6.  Old Piano Roll Blues
 7.  Music, Music, Music
 8.  Cruising Down The River
 9.  Crazy Otto Rag
10. Beer Barrel Polka

 J.L.C. Roll No. 1-A10X

 1.  Down By The Old Mill Stream
 2.  I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now
 3.  I Never Knew
 4.  I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
 5.  Three O'Clock In The Morning
 6.  Margie
 7.  Peg O' My Heart
 8.  Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
 9.  Daisy, Daisy
10. I'd Love To Live in Loveland

 Clark Roll No. A-926

 Up The Street Marches

   1.  Spreading Antlers
   2.  The Roxy March
   3.  New York to Paris
   4.  Guilded Youth
   5.  The Arkansas Traveler
   6.  Enrique March
   7.  The American Ace March
   8.  Officer of the Day
   9.  The Burning of Rome
  10. Lights Out March

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