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'A' Style Music Rolls

Miner Company is once again stocking 'A' style music rolls.  
We currently have a small inventory, planning to increase roll numbers .  We would like to be your supplier of music rolls.  Please visit and review the list of future rolls to cut and if you are interested in any 'to cut' rolls, please inform us of your choices. We can use your requests to plan our rolls to stock.  Thanks for your input and patience.
All Music roll prices  $75.00 Plus shipping cost.

Current Rolls in Stock

Clark Tangley A-1050

     1.  Robinson’s Grand Entree March
     2.  “Hi Henry’s Triumphal” - March
     3.  The Whirl Wind Galop
     4.  Colonel Conway March
     5.  Cheer Up - March
     6.  Headin’ West - March
     7.  National Progress - March
     8.  Down the Stretch - Galop
     9. The Burning of Rome
    10. Lights Out - March

A-1480 Tangley Roll

“Under The Big Top”

    1.  King Cotton
    2.  On The Alert
    3.  Don’t Give Up The Ship
    4.  Queen City March
    5.  Mark Time
    6.  We Saw The Sea
    7.  The Battle Royal
    8.  Top Notch
    9.  Barnacle Bill
   10. Down Main Street

Clark Roll No. A- 1521

 American Liberty

   1.  The Star Spangled Banner
   2.  Stars and Stripes Forever
   3.  National Emblem, March
   4.  God Bless America
   5.  Washington Post, March
   6.  Semper Fidelis, March
   7.  Columbia, the Gem Of the Ocean
   8.  Victor’s Victories, March
   9.  Hands Across the Sea, March
  10. America
  11. Dixie

 Clark Roll No. A
"Riverboat Melodies"

   1. Here Comes the Showboat
   2.  In the Good Old Summertime
   3.  The Tennessee Waltz
   4.  Down Yonder
   5.  Oh, You Beautiful Doll
   6.  Cruising Down the River
   7.  If You Knew Susie
   8.  The Natchez and the Robert E. Lee
   9.  Dixie

    Capitol Roll No. A-1808

      Calliaphone Roll

  1.  Entrance of the Gladiators - March
  2.  The Frat March
  3.  Soldiers of the Sea - March
  4.  Lights Out - March
  5.  The New Colonial - March
  6.  Medinah Temple Shrine March
  7.  Officer of the Day - March
  8.  The Iron Division - March
  9.  The Rainbow Division - March
 10. The Potomac - March

Clark Roll No. A - 928

Circus Echoes
(All Double length songs)

     1.   Barnum And Baily's Favorite March
     2.   The Billboard March
     3.   Bombasto March
     4.   Repaz March
     5.   Chariot Race March
     6.   The Roxy March

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