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Otto Accordian

Otto Accordian

     The beautiful Otto Accordian is an automatic playing Accordian accompanied be a host of instruments.  It produces a charming musical treat in your home, restaurant...anywhere you want to entertain or be entertained.
     The Otto Accordian is expertly hand-crafted of solid oak (other hardwoods optional), leaded art glass, and fine instruments, and play  'G' rolls with many tunes available. The interior is lighted and swell shutters vary the volume. Additionally, volume of individual instruments may be varied. Volume range is from speaking level to "loud" for outdoor use.
     With coin operation, the Otto Accordian easily charms quarters out of pockets and becomes a great money-maker! Movement of all the instruments captivates both you and your audience. A high quality, heirloom-worthy instrument.


  • Accordian
  • Xylophone - Single Stroke
  • Bass Drum with Tympani
  • Snare Drum
  • Triangle


  • 47" Wide
  • 26" Deep
  • 5' 8" Tall
  • 240 Pounds
  • 110 V AC, 10 A

OA -1C with coin operation

Price - $9,950.00

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