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The Excursion Boat Special Calliope

CEA - 43

The Tangley Calliaphone built especially for riverboats is the
Model CEA- 43 Excursion Boat Special !

Modern electronics combined with Miner old fashioned craftsmanship produces a fantastic instrument that can be played by a skilled pianist or automatically via digital electronics!  The keyboard and electronic automatic play feature can be located virtually in any location remote from the whistles.  We can design and build the CEA-43 calliope for YOUR application!

The CEA-43 is large (12 foot minimum length) and powerful calliope with a hearing range of 1-5 MILES depending upon conditions. It is custom built for the vessel or application required.
The CEA-43 is self contained with its’ own air source. Power required is 208 V, 3 phase, 30 amps. Single phase option also available.

Please contact us for pricing and specifics.


CEA Console

CEA blower


                                                                               Keyboard and Electronics Console

Here is a sampling of the dozens of CEA 43 Excursion Boat Special Calliopes Built by Miner Manufacturing.

Southern Belle
Southern Belle, Chattanooga TN

Mississippi Queen
Mississippi Queen, Holland

Mark Twain
Mark Twain, Hannibal Missouri
West Virginia
West Virginia

St. Charles, Missouri
St. Charles

Twilight, LeClair, Iowa
Spirit of Peoria
Spirit of Peoria,  Peoria, Illinois