The Otto Accordian

Automatic playing accordion cherry cabinet
The Miner Company Automatic Playing Accordion will command attention.  Several instruments in this beautiful instrument provide a charming music treat.  This product entertains in your home, restaurant, or anywhere you like. An Otto Accordion is a rare treat, therefore, be noticed.Miner Company expertly hand crafts the cabinet of solid hardwood, with leaded art glass, and fine instruments added.  The customer chooses the hardwood.  As an example, beautiful cherry wood decorates this instrument shown.The standard instrument automatic plays using paper rolls.  However, it can be fitted with a Midi player system.Lights brighten the interior, resulting in nicely lit instrument action.  Also, shutters on top of the cabinet adjust the volume. The drums also can be volume adjusted.  Sound range is from speaking level to "loud" for a big room as well as outdoor use.  Therefore, this gem fits many different settings.This Automatic Playing Accordion comes with a coin operation, which naturally charms quarters from visitors.  Therefore, it becomes a great money-maker! Movement of the instruments delights both you and your audience.  This is a high quality, heirloom-worthy instrument.

Price - $11,990.00

Interior picture Otto Accordion



Bass Drum
Snare Drum
Wood percussion block

Dimension details:
50" Wide
29" Deep
5' 10" Tall
250 Pounds
110 V AC, 10 A

Accordion cherry cabinet detail
Several different hardwoods provide a choice of cabinet styles.  Raised panels and beaded edges decorate the body.  Also, a dramatic top crown molding adds character. The cherry shown on this cabinet darkens over time, resulting in a richer and more beautiful heirloom. The customer can even choose a desired accordion for a custom built Otto.  The art glass shown is standard.  Other custom art glass designs are welcome and can make your Otto Accordion just right for you.


Muhler Music Center of Minnesota supplied the accordion.


Otto Accordion cherry cabinet rear view


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