Calliope Midi Operating System for Auto Play

The Calliope Midi Operating System  plays the Tangley Calliaphone and other mechanical music machines automatically.  Compatible music midi files loaded onto the SD memory card from a computer provide ample music to operate the System.  “Phantom Power” supplies the SD Midi Controller hand held unit from the electronics through the midi cable. 

The Calliope Midi Operating System gives you approximately 1 hour of music loaded on the SD card.  Also, the card holds several thousand files at one time.  The number midi files accessible on the Internet are almost unlimited.  Type 0 midi files are a common midi file type, however, user acquired software converts other midi files to the proper type 0 file.  A computer adds proper files add to the SD memory card using a card reader.

The SD midi controller records music from a standard electronic keyboard with midi out capability.  This means you can record your own songs and talent to play the Calliope automatically anytime. Virtually any song plays automatically on the Calliope with this system using the appropriate resources and midi file.  There is a lot of versatility in acquiring, creating, and adding midi files to this system.

Easy installation

The midi valves connect into existing tracker bar tubing and can be played in addition to the music roll player.  Therefore, the unit can be switched from the Midi System to the music roll anytime if your instrument is equipped with both systems.

Midi electronics packageMidi player component



For 43 Note Calliope  = $1,995.00

For 53 Note Calliope  = $2,195.00

This system can be purchased without midi controller unit and use your existing laptop computer, or replace controller unit with mini laptop. Ask for details.


Included in Calliope Midi Operating System package

Midi Driver Assembly
Valve assembly with cable connection
SD Midi controller – no battery needed
Midi cable
SD memory card
Mounting hardware
Installation instructions
Operating instructions