Popcorn Vehicles


The antique style Popcorn Wagon is an all new wagon, but has the appearance of a wagon built in the early 1900’s with genuine wood spoke wheels,  old fashioned awnings, wood sash windows,  perimeter vented roof, and optional transparent window signage above windows.


Antique Style Popcorn Wagon

Antique Style Popcorn wagons

The wagon is equipped with a standard 14 oz. popper or can be upgraded to huge popcorn outputs as needed.  There is also space for additional vending units such as hot dogs, soda pop, snow cones, display, etc.  We can furnish the wagon with any equipment you may need, or you can equip it yourself.  The wagon is self contained with an on board fresh water storage tank and a grey water holding tank below.  There is an on demand pressure pump for water pressure, or it can be hooked to a garden hose supply.  The electrical system is sufficient for any needed vending units and it’s electrical inlet is standard RV type application electrical supply for using on site electrical RV outlet supply or portable generator use. The transparent blue signs add a classic look of the old popcorn wagons of the past for a dramatic eye catching look. Attract customers by eye and aroma appeal as you pop a fresh batch of popcorn.

The Miner Popcorn Wagon is custom built for each customer.  We will use our experience and your needs and ideas to design the perfect wagon for your use. The wagon can be designed with a custom color scheme and many custom designs.   Please contact us for a no obligation proposal and quote.

13 x 5 wagon – $22,990.00

10 x 4 wagon – $21,500.00

See specifications and details for the Antique Style Popcorn Wagon.


Model TT Ford Popcorn Truck

The Miner Popcorn Truck is a completely and authentically restored Model “TT” Ford truck chassis fitted with an all new body of our manufacture. Many of our methods and materials are the same as those of the popcorn truck builders of the 20’s. If you want to attract attention ($$$$), what better way than an incredibly beautiful Miner Popcorn Truck!