Popcorn Wagon

The antique style popcorn wagon is an all new wagon, but the look of one built in the early 1900's is in it's appearance.  Genuine wood spoke wheels, old fashioned awnings, and wood sash sliding windows are a part of the antique look.  Air flow out of the wagon is created by the perforated roof venting, just like the old days.  The optional transparent window signage above windows makes the wagon look authentic.

A standard 16 oz. popper generates the popcorn and aroma, but can be upgraded as needed for more volume.  Available space supplies additional vending units such as hot dogs, soda pop, snow cones, display, etc.  Any equipment you may need can be furnished by us, or you can equip it yourself.  A fresh water storage tank creates a water supply, and a grey water tank below stores .  An on demand water pump supplies water to the sinks, or a garden hose supply can be hooked up for water needs.  The electrical system powers any needed vending units and it's electrical inlet is standard RV type application.  An on site electrical RV outlet or portable generator operates the wagon.

Popcorn Wagon

Antique Style Popcorn wagons

The classic look of the old popcorn wagons of the past create a dramatic eye catching look.  The real wood spoke wheels and the blue lettered signs above the windows grab the attention of potential customers.

Two basic wagon sizes are offered. The 13 foot wagon supplies a larger amount of usable space, while the 10 foot wagon fills a smaller area when it's needed.  Miner Company builds according to your exact need in a wagon.

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Model TT Ford Popcorn Truck

The Miner Popcorn Truck is a completely and authentically restored Model "TT" Ford truck chassis fitted with an all new body of our manufacture. Many of our methods and materials are the same as those of the popcorn truck builders of the 20's. If you want to attract attention and cash, what better way than an incredibly beautiful Miner Popcorn Truck!