Tangley Calliaphone Calliope

Tangley Calliope closeup of keyboard

The Tangley Calliaphone Calliope remains the only real brass whistle calliope manufactured today. The Tangley Calliope’s lively voice shouts a 1/4 mile or more away. And further, the Excursion Boat Special calls attention more than a mile away. Therefore, the music instantly draws anyone within hearing range and their attention is yours. As an advertising tool, the calliope can’t be beat!

Tangley Calliaphone Calliope
Tangley 43 Note Calliope

The 43 Note Tangley style is the Best selling Calliope. It can be equipped with a paper roll automatic player or a midi system automatic player. All models are also hand played. Model CA-43 is nearly identical to the original Tangley produced in the 1920’s. A 10-tune “A” roll automatically plays the Calliope with the movement of one lever on the roll frame option. The roll automatically rewinds at the end of last tune and replays. Music rolls are available.

Equip any Calliope model with a new Midi Operating System for additional versatility. Play the Calliope automatically with midi files for more versatility, eliminating the need for music rolls. See Midi Operating System here. An SD memory card is used for midi storage and can hold 1,000s of song files.

 The Tangley Calliaphone Calliope is built for hard use and will stand up to years of “over the road” use. The Calliope is useful in advertising, parades, fairs, carnivals, circuses, etc. Annual maintenance is all that’s recommended and the reliability is proven with hundreds of instruments in use.

Price $9,990.00     Sale price 15% off – $8,490.00

43 note National Style Calliope

The 43 Note National Style is very Similar to the 43 note Tangley in size. This instrument is designed like a National Calliope with stepped down deck and added brass trim. This great, eye catching style of the 53 National is built in the smaller size of 43 notes. The internal blower makes this instrument self contained and ready to go.

Price $10,990.00    Sale price 15% off – $9,340.00

53 note National Style Calliope

53 Note National Style

The Model CA-53 is patterned after the great National Model B popular in the 1920’s. It plays automatically likethe CA-43, but with 10 more notes. It is a very powerful, rich calliope! The blower system for the CA 53 Calliope is internal.

Price $11,990.00    Sale Price 10% off  – $10,190.00

Riverboat Special 43 note Calliope

Excursion Boat Special

The Model CEA- 43 Excursion Boat Special is built especially for the river boat.  The CEA-43 is a large and powerful calliope with a 12 foot minimum length and a hearing range of 1 to 5 miles depending upon conditions. It is custom built for the vessel or application required.

Modern electronics combined with Miner old fashioned craftsmanship produces a fantastic instrument that can be played by a skilled pianist or automatically via digital electronics and midi files. The keyboard and electronic play feature can be located virtually in any location remote from the whistles.

The CEA-43 is self contained with its’ own air source. Power required is 208 V, 3 phase, 30 amps. Single phase option also available.   Please contact us for pricing and specifics.

58 note Theater Special Calliope with wood cabinet.

Theatre Special Calliope

The Theatre Special Tangley Calliaphone Calliope is a lower volume model designed so that it can be used indoors. Two models are available.  The original Tangley Company built perhaps two of the incredible 58 note Calliope instruments. Our STA-58 is beautifully soft voiced for indoor use. It is perfect for your living or music room. The deep bass and rich, melodious high notes are captivating. Swell shutters in the hand-crafted cabinet are easily controlled to vary the volume. At it’s softest, the STA-58 will not overpower your conversation at it’s side! A whisper quiet pipe organ blower, choice of hardwood and stain finish are all included. Leaded art glass optional.

Price $19,990.00  Sale Price 15% off – $16,990.00

Every Calliope is individually crafted and built for you with special attention to details. Delivery is 1 – 4 months with immediate delivery sometimes available for the CA-43 model. A deposit places your order. Genuine brass and painted steel exterior make this a durable instrument that will last. It has a keyboard for manual play and an automatic playing roll frame using the A type music roll.

It can also be equipped with a midi operating automatic player system. The midi player makes it possible to play any song automatically on the Calliope. There are different models available to fit many different needs, from catching the ears of people over a mile away, to being in a living room with one of the finely crafted hardwood cabinet Theatre Special models. The Tangley and National style Calliopes are great for parades, and general crowd gathering appeal.  This Calliope is as good as they get. They are hugely dependable and rugged for over the road use. They look great too.